Why Have a Wedding Videographer?

I've been asked this question a couple times at wedding fairs and others looking to find the right way of remembering their big day. It's a fair question as well, there are a lot of options when planning your wedding, hundred of different businesses all vying for your attention and effectively your money. So it's vital to find the right things that really represent you as a couple, not every add on is for everyone. Frankly it's some people's worst nightmare to have their day filmed!

Photography Comes First

Is the opinion of a huge number of couples I interact with. Video technology has taken much longer to develop to the point where it is possible for us to run our own businesses making video. The very fact I can edit video on my laptop was unheard of ten/fifteen years ago. Along with the price of equipment being astronomical it was far less accessible to start your own business making videos. I started my career taking photos and had a huge passion for photograph (I still do), and only by chance had a camera that could take films. So naturally as I got more and more into films I did less and less photography, leading to where I am now!

Photography is so important, but it is also so different to having a film. They capture different things. They give different emotions and different experiences of the day. Photos can be printed into books, which make the most amazing memoir to flick through. Films, at the moment at least, cannot be. On the other hand the feelings and immersion that wedding videos can provide are fantastic. I can still watch videos of weddings I was filming at two or three years ago and it still brings back the feelings of what it was like to be in the room.

Mike and Mel were the very first wedding I filmed, they were 80s fanatics and so I added a little VHS start to their video! I can still remember the feeling of the room today, especially with all the guests dancing around during the meal!

They're Complimentary

Of course they are, photos and videos are two different products, and should be viewed as such. It's important to see the value in both, and one of the best parts about doing this work is spending the day with a photographer. Working with another creative person in an intense fashion is really rewarding, you are both doing your own thing to create your art for the couple, but you both have the same subject, the same wedding. That's what makes it so exciting to see the photos from the weddings I've been filming (I mean just LOOK at these photos from Mike and Mel's wedding from Luis Holden).

The Benefits

If you ask me (I'm assuming you did...) the benefits of having a wedding video are immense. A video gives you such a feeling of the room, the very space in which the camera is in becomes a character in itself. On top of that there's no other way of hearing that speech again, seeing every moment of the first dance, hearing the moments just before you first kiss as a married couple, and of course watching yourself walk down the aisle.

Plus if we're honest with ourselves, who doesn't want to relive the day over and over? My wife Mollie often asks if we should have another wedding day just relive the fun!