The New Site. Stories.

Hello! Welcome to the new site. I felt I needed to make a few changes to way I had everything, including the name of the business. So now I'll be operating under AJB Videography, rather than Andy James Barrow Videography. AJB is much less of a mouthful isn't it. Makes things less confusing as well as my last name is now Narayn-Barrow after Mollie and changed our names.

Changing a website is a pretty daunting task, as you could more or less make anything! Where do you start? I've tried to make it look more professional, and tried to drive home something that I really believe in, stories.

When I first started making films, around age 14 I had no idea what I was doing. I had a camera and plenty of crazy ideas. I'd started with taking photos and learning how to use photoshop, and once I had a camera that could make video I began venturing into it. What inspired this whole journey was an old Channel Four program about film makers called Concrete Circus. There was one video made about a guy called Danny Macaskill, check it out below!

And that was it. I was obsessed. It seemed so accessible! I knew nothing about how to make any of it happen but it felt so doable after watching that show. So I started having a go and digging around about how to do it. Cue a long and painful process! But that's a story for another day. For now enjoy the video that started my love of film making!