Wondering what I'm up to now?

This comes from a big hero of mine Derek Sivers. He has a page on his site that shares what he's working on and interested in at the moment. I think it's a cool idea! Check out the nownownow project too.

Reading Tools of Titans - Timothy Ferriss

I've been a Tim Ferriss podcast fan for a while and have been reading his books over the years. Tools of Titans was one I'd never got round to reading! I think I own every book he's written now...Very interesting so far!

Reading Leadership Strategy and Tactics Field Manual - Jocko Willink

Huge Jocko fan as anyone who will let me talk about it knows. Reading his latest book on leadership. Great book and pushes back against a lot of typical ideas about leaders! His previous books on leadership and discipline are awesome too.

Website Learning

I'd always describe myself as a life long learner, I don't want to ever reach the point where I'm not growing and improving. So I'm spending a fair chunk of my time learning how to better improve this site. How to get more traffic, more views, appear higher on Google, write compelling blogs and so on. It's a whole can of worms!

Finished Reading The Antidote: Happiness for People who can't Stand Positive Thinking - Oliver Burkeman

This is a really interesting book. Oliver Burkeman works through various modern approaches to happiness, talking about positive thinking and other current trends, essentially debunking them. It's a brilliant look at how to be happy without hitting every problem with a 'positive mental attitude'.

Jocko Podcast Obsessed

A fantastic podcast on human nature. Jocko Willink is a retired Navy Seal and the guests on his podcast are some of the most inspiring and fascinating people I've ever heard. Very interesting if you're interested in the extremes of what people can handle and if you have an interest in leadership.

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