Hello and welcome to AJB Videography! I'm Andy and I'm a big believer in stories. Everyone I've met has their own story, and that is what keeps me interested in this work. Each video I make is so unique because the people are unique. If you're interested, my story is below.

I grew up in Birmingham and studied Climate Science at Leeds. Whilst there, I met my wife Mollie and we spent a year living in Madrid and teaching English (What a great way to get to know someone when you're there are barely any other people who speak your language!). We left Madrid and moved to Norfolk which was a completely new experience for me, I think I'd only been this far east once in my life. That was four years ago now and I've loved every second I've spent here! We were lucky enough to get married in 2017, and as of October 2019 have just moved into our own place in Norwich. 

Part of the experience of getting married was the realisation of how complicated and difficult planning a wedding can be. There are so many moving parts and so many people to coordinate, it was quite the experience to get your head around. During that journey I started to feel that my experience making films for the past 12 years could be turned to weddings. So I started to put myself out there. I did my first wedding back in 2017 and it has been the most amazing experience ever since!


Andy Narayn-Barrow

My wife Mollie and I  few minutes after we got married!